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Local Parish Description

The Epiphany of Our Lord Parish is being served by the  Congregation of the Sons of Immaculate Conception. The Parish is a Bilingual English/Italian and multicultural community dedicated to becoming a faithful witness to the Lord Jesus, striving to live in the message of the Gospel and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and providing diverse opportunities for worship and spiritual growth while being attentive to the social and material needs of all people.    
History of The Church
  • On September 11, 1974.  A decree was issued by Archbishop Pocock to establish the Epiphany of Our Lord Parish and appointed Fr. Matthew Robbertz as the founding Pastor. The first Mass was celebrated at L'Amoreaux Collegiate. A Saturday Mass was added at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.
  • 1975.  Planning for a church building began with the donation of a site lot and the formation of a Building Committee chaired by Al Selinger. Sr. Nora Kempt C.S.S. joined the staff as religious consultant for parish schools, and Redemptorist priests led by Fr. Gabriel C.S.S.R, with Fr. David Louch and Deacon (later Fr.) Mark Miller who began assisting at weekend services. Fr. Peter Sexton, S.J. took over as weekend assistant, succeeded in turn by Fr. Dermot Mansfield, Fr. Chris Corbally, S.J. and        Fr. D. Peter Larisey.
  • For four years prior to 1976, people of Italian background have been a mission at St. Gerald's School. This community became a part of Epiphany and an Italian speaking priest Fr. Attilio Durante was appointed as Associate Pastor and remained for two years. Tab Charbonneau joined staff as a Deacon.
  • May 1977. Two new schools, St. Cyprian and St. Sylvester were blessed. The First Genesis program for Christian growth was initiated by Sr. Norah.
  • 1978.  A design for the church building was approved.  Fr. Morse Gasparini became Associate Pastor and served for five years. Besides guiding the Italian liturgy, he initiated the Soccer League. Leo Vanderkooy and Tom Mason were ordained as Deacons and assigned to our Parish.
  • June 1979. A ground-breaking ceremony was held.
  • 1980.  The Easter Triduum was celebrated in our new building.
  • October 1982. Solemn opening and blessing of Epiphany of Our Lord Parish with all the support and presence of the Sisters of St. Mary de Leuca up to the present. 
  • 1983.  The Chancery Office approved our request for a Refractory and Parish hall to be attached to our church building.
  • July 1984. Construction of the Refractory and Parish hall was completed.
  • 1985.  The Parish was serving 8 Catholic elementary schools.  Our second Pastor,        Fr. John Vella,  who taught Theology from St. Augustine Seminary, took over from  Fr. Matthew Robbertz.  He hired Diane Schneider as staff Theologian and Assistant Parish Administrator.
  • 1989. Fr. Vito Marzilliano joined Epiphany as Associate Pastor. Our Chapel was totally renovated, and a new stained-glass window was installed in the foyer.
  • 1992.  Deacon Dan Murphy joined the parish in 1992. A youth worker, Jackie Wieber, was hired, and Helen Shaughnessy and Sister Adua headed the RCIA and religious education program. During World Youth Week 2002, our Parish was a catechesis center and housed Italian priests and youth.
  • 1993 to 1997.  Fr. Vito was named Pastor with Fr. Rudy Volk as Associate Pastor.  
  • 1997 to 1999. Fr. Pasquale Martino, incumbent Pastor.
  • 1999 to 2002 Fr. Roy Farrell, incumbent Pastor.
  • September 2002.  Pastoral duties of the Parish were undertaken by the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception. The Pastor was Fr. Ugo Sturabotti, C.F.I.C. and the two Associate Pastors were Fr. Anthony Varghese, C.F.I.C. and Fr. George Parayil, C.F.I.C.   
  • September 18, 2007. Fr. George Parayil, C.F.I.C. was appointed Pastor.
  • September 2014. Fr. Antony Varghese, C.F.I.C. was named Pastor with                                        Fr. Shibil Pariyathupadavil, C.F.I.C. as Associate Pastor.
  • July 2018.  Fr. Martin Cherumadathy, C.F.I.C., was appointed Associate Pastor.